Sentient Working Groups

Sentient's veterinary, scientific and policy experts come together to form Working Groups. These working groups form to target animal wefare concerns in a variety of industries or social settings. The working groups draw on the collective knowledge and expertise within the Sentient Membership base and are a great way to raise the profile of a topic, take action and make change. If you have a specific concern or have specialised expertise and would like to form or contribute to a Sentient Working Group then click the button to lodge your interest. 


Wildlife Working Group

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Humane Education Working Group

We are thrilled to announce the establishment of Sentient’s Humane Education Working Group. The aims of this working group are to promote humane alternatives to the harmful use of animals in education.

Greyhound Working Group

Sentient has long been concerned about commercial greyhound racing due to evidence that this industry is responsible for widespread animal cruelty, unacceptable compromises to animal welfare in multiple domains, and longstanding connections with crime and corruption, all of which have resisted attempts at reform by governments and industry bodies. To improve conditions for the animals currently involved in this industry, we have consistently submitted proposals to substantially improve animal welfare standards. 

Sentient opposes the attempted eradication and large scale culling of wild horses from Australian wilderness areas.  There is insufficient independent evidence that the degree of environmental damage or risk caused by wild horses justifies the often radical and sometimes inhumane methods of wild horse management currently used.

Sentient is delighted to announce the establishment of its "Preventing Abuse: People and Animals Working Group (PAWG)". The working group is directed by Dr Catherine Tiplady, Dr Di Evans and Dr Lydia Tong, three veterinarians from QLD, SA, and NSW, who use research, education, advocacy and practical measures to tackle the complex issue of animal abuse, including where it links to abuse of people.  The group aims to bring together veterinarians, researchers, and educators who can develop evidence-based, ethical, and effective strategies to address specific issues of abuse in Australia.

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