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Sentient opposes the attempted eradication and large scale culling of wild horses from Australian wilderness areas.  There is insufficient independent evidence that the degree of environmental damage or risk caused by wild horses justifies the often radical and sometimes inhumane methods of wild horse management currently used.

News Update October 2014


The Brumby Working Group (BWG) has continued to make progress over the last couple of months.


Another new member joined the group, Dr Sarah Pollard-Williams, who is a Veterinary Science Lecturer at Charles Stuart University.


The BWG made a submission to Parks Victoria regarding their draft plan of management for wild horses in The Greater Alpine National Parks. The wild horse management plan for Kosciuszko National Park is also currently being reviewed and there is opportunity for any members of the public to express views or ask questions, and Sentient members are encouraged to join in the online conversation which is open until 30 November 2014 (see link below).


Meanwhile, spokesperson Dr Andrea Harvey has met with other groups including the RSPCA and the Centre for Compassionate Conservation of University of Technology Sydney, to discuss how the BWG may be able to work together to positively impact wild horse management plans.


The fertility control trials are also progressing well, with treated mares and stallions now housed together and no adverse effects or signs of oestrous having been observed to date.                  


If you would like to join or enquire about the Brumby Working Party please email us at or click the button to register your interest...

Sentient The Veterinary Institute for Animal Ethics - (Photo by Anne Fawcett)

Photo by Anne Fawcett