Sentient The Veterinary Institute for Animal Ethics

Sentient opposes the attempted eradication and large scale culling of wild horses from Australian wilderness areas.  There is insufficient independent evidence that the degree of environmental damage or risk caused by wild horses justifies the often radical and sometimes inhumane methods of wild horse management currently used.

News Update March 2016


Dr Andrea Harvey, PhD student and Spokesperson for the Sentient Brumby Working group, has published an article on ‘Taming wild horses for a good welfare outcome: The 4BP way’ in the Control and Therapy Series, republished courtesy of the Centre for Veterinary Education.


In this article, Andrea outlines a gentle step-by-step training method developed by Joe Hughes for brumbies removed from Kosciusko National Park. This revolutionary method is an alternative to having brumbies sent for slaughter by aiming to ensure they are so well trained they can be rehomed with the best long term welfare outcomes. Joe offers handling clinics for veterinarians dealing with horses who are difficult to handle. Those interested can contact Andrea through the BWG.



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Sentient The Veterinary Institute for Animal Ethics - (Photo by Anne Fawcett)

Photo by Anne Fawcett