Code of Conduct

Sentient, The Veterinary Institute for Animal Ethics

Code of Conduct


Message from the Executive


This code of conduct applies to all members of Sentient and is relevant at all times that such members have involvement with this organisation and are engaged in its activities.


Sentient's Mission


In all of our operations and relationships we aim to bring the recognition of animals as sentient beings to the national agenda and to help ensure that their needs and welfare are appropriately and ethically protected by governments, industry and the public. Sentient promotes a greater focus on the humane treatment of animals as a priority wherever animals are used or affected by humans.


Sentient’s Strategies


We are committed to behaving respectfully towards others and adopting a professional approach in furthering the animal protection movement. Our activities are always nonviolent and contained within the law.      Our intentions are to promote scientifically valid and ethically sound solutions to animal welfare problems. It is not our intention to inflict economic damage or to harm reputations. We also abide by a principle of transparency and aim to effect change through contribution, influence, reason, research and negotiation. We do not engage in any direct action via unlawful, underhand or undercover tactics.




Personal behaviour – I will:

  • act lawfully, ethically and with integrity when engaging in activities as a member of Sentient.


Communication and confidentiality – I will:

  • not disclose official information or documents related to Sentient, unless permission is granted in writing from the Sentient Executive.

  • respect individual confidentiality and privacy of all information

  • maintain a high degree of integrity in all communications

  • not represent Sentient without written approval from the Sentient Executive


Fraudulent and corrupt behaviour – I will:

  • not engage in fraudulent or corrupt conduct

  • report any alleged fraudulent or corrupt behaviour to a member of the Executive

  • report any alleged breaches of the code of conduct to a member of the Sentient Executive


Violent or intimidating behaviour – I will:

  • not engage in, support or incite intimidation, threats, trespassing, acts of violence or the destruction of facilities or property

  • report any such behaviour to a member of the Sentient Executive


Conflicts of interest – I will:

  • ensure political, professional, personal or financial interests do not conflict with my conduct as a member of Sentient

  • identify and manage any conflict and provide appropriate disclosure and accountability should any such conflict impinge on my ability to act within the best interests of Sentient. Where appropriate, I will seek support from the Sentient Executive in my attempts to resolve such conflict. If the conflict relates to the Sentient Executive, it may be necessary to involve a third party by means of formal conciliation.


I am committed to upholding the principles in this Code of Conduct. I am aware that any breaches of this Code may result in the Executive suspending or revoking my membership in accordance with Sentient's constitution.