We are thrilled to announce the establishment of Sentient’s Humane Education Working Group. The aims of this working group are to promote humane alternatives to the harmful use of animals in education by advocating for:


  • The provision of alternatives to harmful animal use (such as videos, simulations, synthetic organs, models and mannequins, ethically-sourced cadavers and supervised clinical experiences);

  • Access to conscientious objection policies for tertiary students;

  • Mandatory standards to ensure that live animals used in tertiary education are ethically sourced, are only subjected to invasive procedures that are beneficial to them, and have their welfare needs met in all domains;

  • A ban on the use of animals in primary and secondary school classrooms (such as dissection classes and chick hatching programs); 

  • Support for programs that teach children and young people empathy and respect for all animals.


Professor Andrew Knight, veterinarian and Founding Director of The University of Winchester’s Centre for Animal Welfare, is spokesperson for this working group.


Prof. Knight has published widely on the humane use of animals in education, and his review of available evidence shows that humane education achieves equivalent to superior learning outcomes for students when compared to traditional education practices involving animals.

He has also produced a series of publicly accessible videos on the centre’s YouTube channel, including the following:       



f you are interested in joining or contributing to this working group, please email Sentient on contactus@sentient.org.au.