Dane Millanta

Sentient Associate Member


Growing up in the inner city Sydney suburb, as a child my earliest memory is that our home seemed to attract the homeless 4 legged variety especially by our six rescued cats that moved in permanently, & I was fortunate that we lived next door to a veterinary practice back in the 70s.


Its here that I believe that I developed a unique passion for the love of animals, as I became involved with companion animals and over the last 30 years. I started this education endeavour many years ago, where I qualified at TAFE NSW in animal care and husbandry from here gained employment with several different animal based organisations. During this time, I have gained invaluable hands on experience as to the sentient nature of all creatures great and small. I was not prepared as an animal lover for the ethical dilemmas I faced day-to-day working in the profession. I realised that there was areas within the animal industry that I felt had to be reviewed / changed and it as at this point I have dedicated my life to the care , health and welfare of all sentient animals.


Who I am:


A passionate animal rights, activist, utilitarian and committed vegan.


Working towards, completing my study in nursing & diploma of surgical veterinary science.


My background is in clinical pastoral care and is a hospital chaplain.


Also concurrently working towards a doctorate in humane religious studies focusing on animal welfare and advocacy,


My dream is for a world were we respect the rights of animals as much as we respect the lives of fellow humans as It is their world too, after all.



As a seeker and Inspired by a need to deepen of our human relationship with, not only companion but, all animals, I embarked on a path of personal self discovery becoming an ordained Theravada Buddhist Monk for a short period of time.


Upon reintegration back into the real world I made a commitment to my passion for animals and decided from that day forward I would do whatever it took to become the best i good by to serve our sentient animals.


I am always challenging my self to confront the precious ideologies that each of us harbour with  in ourselves  and to uncover and confront the injustices that pervade in regards to the welfare of animals.


Sentient is a group that I’m very proud to be part of as an associate member. An organisation that provides a comprehensive review and critique of current animal welfare issues. Which makes me want to be part of this team, is that it has the further potential to create a greater awareness for the sanctity of all life through the example of compassion for all creatures and an opportunity to be part of it..


Expanding our perspectives and sensibilities about all animals and extends traditional models of kindness and compassion to include all species. Blending the worlds of faith and animal welfare and advocacy inspires a deepening of our relationship with, not only companion but, all animals.