Dr Alicia Kennedy

Sentient Veterinary Member, CEO Cherished Pets Community Veterinary Care, Director Jane Goodall Institute - Australia


Alicia Kennedy is a Murdoch University Graduate from 1986. That was a very long time ago! Since then her career has been coloured with diverse and multiple roles within and outside the veterinary world, locally and globally that have stretched her comfort zones, grown her perspective and shaped her activities in the profession. During this journey she has worked alongside some incredible people who have shaped the person she is today. Notably her involvement with the Jane Goodall Institute in China and Australia, and her friendship with Dr Jane Goodall, world renowned primatologist, conservationist and UN Messenger of Peace. Dr Jane’s message is constant: “Use your gifts, skills and talents, combined with your passion, commitment, energy and resources, to follow your dreams while creating a better world for Animals, People and the Environment everywhere.”


Jane’s words have become the voice in Alicia’s head, as a mother, as a veterinarian and as a community and global citizen. “What can I do today to make a difference?” drives her every action.


Alicia’s interest in the changing scope of Animal Welfare in Australia is developing, and is an inevitable consequence of her multiples roles with the Jane Goodall Institute-Australia, Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoots program globally and in Indonesia, the Conservation Ecology Centre in Apollo bay, and as Founder of a unique social enterprise, Cherished Pets Community Veterinary Care that supports the human animal bond through all life stages (www.cherishedpetcare.com.au). Cherished Pets Foundation is a registered charity that forms the charitable division of the social enterprise and is developing community-based projects to support companion pet ownership for elderly and disabled pet owners living independently in the community. Her work in the role of companion pets in supporting healthy ageing in people is her current primary area of focus.


Alicia is taking her connections made and lessons learned through engagement and involvement with programs in the not for profit, corporate, community and veterinary sectors and is combining these into her approach to gentle, enquiring and intelligent activism, as beautifully role modeled by her mentor, Dr Jane.


Most recently Alicia applied this approach to her response to a call for public comment regarding the proposal for an intensive dairy goat farm in her region. Strategically, respectfully and mindfully, Alicia conducted her own research through the community and with key stakeholders, including the company that is planning the farm, to form her own argument against the proposal. It is through this experience that Alicia connected with the team at Sentient, The Veterinary Institute of Animal Ethics and she is excited to be a member of this group of proactive veterinary professionals who are protecting and advocating for the welfare of animals everywhere.