Dr Lydia Tong

Sentient Veterinary Member


Lydia is a veterinarian and veterinary pathologist based in Sydney, NSW. She trained at Cambridge University, and now works as a pathologist for the NSW State Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory, as well as working as a companion animal and wildlife veterinarian on the weekends.


Lydia has a special interest in veterinary forensics, with a research background in the pathology of animal abuse and the links between animal abuse and domestic violence. In her current research she is examining the frequency of pet abuse in violent homes in Australia, and whether victims of domestic violence utilize and trust veterinarians when their pets are injured by a violent partner.


Other areas of research include defining the features of abuse injuries in animals, in order to help veterinarians identify when their patients have been abused, and the analysis of fostering services for animals from violent homes.


Lydia has assisted the NSW Coroner's Office with crimes that involved violence against humans and animals. She has a blind cat called Claude Monet, and a one-eyed Kelpie x Dingo called Scarlett who is herself a survivor of abuse.