Dr Stephanie Hing

Sentient Veterinary Member

Stephanie is a veterinarian and conservation scientist with experience in practice, field research and animal advocacy in Australia and overseas. She is passionate about improving the lives of all creatures great and small from domestic dogs to wild elephants.


Working with so many different domestic and wild animals during stressful periods in their lives, Stephanie developed an interest in and completed a PhD focusing on the relationship between stress, the immune system, and animal health. 


From the Aussie bush to tropical jungle, Stephanie has explored issues that affect animal health and welfare and provided recommendations for improved animal management. Stephanie’s current work involves advocating for improvements in the welfare of animals including pets, livestock, horses, pigs, poultry, laboratory animals and wildlife. She helps translate the latest science into recommendations for evidence-based policies, procedures and legislation. 



To help drive positive change for animals, Stephanie assists in numerous capacity building initiatives including the development of animal welfare awareness materials and delivery of community outreach activities. She is also fortunate to have the opportunity to support animal welfare leaders of the future, mentoring vet students and co-supervising postgraduate research students. She hopes that together we can be a strong voice for those who cannot speak for themselves.

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