Dr Sue Foster

Sentient Veterinary Member, Vets Against Live Export Spokesperson



Disappointed in the lack of independent and objective veterinary analysis and knowledge of the health and animal welfare in the live export trade after Four Corners, Sue and others founded Vets Against Live Export (VALE) in 2012.


Sue is the current spokesperson for VALE; she is also a member of Sentient and AVA WA’s Council of Leadership in Animal Welfare (CLAW).


It has been an interesting return to involvement in production animals for Sue, who is concerned that whilst there have been some advances in animal welfare in livestock production since her early practice days, other issues of animal welfare have significantly deteriorated.


Small animal welfare is also a focus as Sue has been actively involved in monitoring and investigating adverse reactions to pet food, meat and treats since a major pet treat in Australia caused an epidemic of renal disease (acquired proximal renal tubulopathy). 


Sue is Fellow of the Australian College of Veterinary Scientists and a registered specialist in feline medicine. However, her interests span many areas of small animal, ovine and bovine medicine.


Sue worked mainly in private mixed practice for 7 years, with a specific interest in cattle practice, before switching and doing specialist training in small animal medicine and a Masters in Veterinary Clinical Studies (on adrenal function in dogs) at the University of Sydney (1995-1999). She then lectured at Murdoch University (2000-2003) and also at the University of Sydney (as a visiting scholar, 2004).


Sue has numerous papers in peer-reviewed journals and has also contributed to textbook chapters. She regularly contributes to continuing education seminars and conferences in Australia and overseas. Sue is currently a medical consultant for Vetnostics (NSW) and an Adjunct Senior Lecturer in Small Animal Medicine at Murdoch University (WA).