Sentient opposes commercial greyhound racing due to evidence that this industry is responsible for widespread animal cruelty, unacceptable compromises to animal welfare in multiple domains, and longstanding connections with crime and corruption, all of which have resisted attempts at reform by governments and industry bodies. To improve conditions for the animals currently involved in this industry, we have consistently submitted proposals to substantially improve animal welfare standards. These have included calls for independent oversight of the industry, transparency and external auditing. Meanwhile, we continue to recommend a carefully planned phase-out and ban on greyhound racing in Australia. Our ongoing advocacy has been formalised by the Sentient Greyhound Working Group.


The Sentient Greyhound Working Group aims to raise awareness of the animal welfare issues involved in greyhound racing, to continue to submit scientifically based suggestions for substantial incremental improvements whilst this industry continues, and to train veterinarians and other animal carers in assessing greyhounds for rehoming. We look forward to updating Sentient members and the wider community about the group’s plans, projects, and outcomes.


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Read our Greyhound Industry Position Statement HERE.


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In August 2017, Sentient submitted commentary on the Victorian Government’s “Code of Practice for the Keeping of Racing Greyhounds – Draft”.


Our submission raised concerns about the emergency euthanasia provision, which does not require owners to seek out a 24-hour veterinarian to directly provide this service, but allows them to conduct euthanasia after receiving telephone advice, with no details provided about the method of euthanasia. We also opposed the ongoing euthanasia of greyhounds on non-medical grounds (with the exception of dogs who are behaviourally unfit to rehome) because this is a form of convenience killing that does not address the industry’s practice of overbreeding.


The Minister for Agriculture approved the Code of Practice in April 2018. The issues we opposed have been retained in the final Code. Furthermore, this Code now includes Establishment and Health Management Plans (EHMPs), which were not included in the public consultation document and will effectively act as a caveat, allowing participants to write their own personally tailored code. This provides trainers with a loophole that nullifies the provisions in the Code, such as those for socialisation, exercise and muzzling, which will result in poorer welfare outcomes.


This process again demonstrates the lack of transparency and the culture of exemptions that have historically impeded the regulation of greyhound racing.

See our Submission HERE

Code of Practice for the Keeping of Racing Greyhounds