Holly Pickett

Sentient Student Member


Holly Pickett is a 4th year vet student at Sydney University and was recently awarded second prize in the 2015 Sentient Student Essay Prize in Animal Welfare and Ethics for her submission: ‘Refining pain relief during lamb castration and tail docking’.


She has a passion for everything large and small, with a background in equine nursing before starting university in 2009. This year she has finally completed a BSc in Ecology and Zoology at UNSW, a degree she has been concurrently studying alongside her BVSc (and does not recommend this, it's a long story!). Holly is hoping to combine her BVSc and BSc to one day contribute in the field of Conservation and Ecology, as well as becoming a well-rounded general practitioner.


She owns a 15 year old ex-racehorse named Merlin who is chomping his way through life these days whilst she attends university, a 16 year old small breed dog named Bertha and a 12 year old Cockatiel named Boo.


Holly is loving vet science and the opportunities it is providing her with. She hopes that in the future she can make a substantial difference to animal health and welfare throughout her career, so please 'watch this space'.