Meet our Members

Sentient’s membership body comprises a diverse group of individuals who all enrich our work through their enthusiasm, talents and expertise. Our veterinary members have experience in clinical practice (with various specialties), shelter medicine, academia, research, policy, pharmaceuticals, management and animal welfare regulation. 


Our associate members represent a range of disciplines, including animal science, veterinary nursing, law, social science, education, media and business.  And we welcome our veterinary and other student members, who are the future of the animal protection movement.


Meet our Members is a page dedicated to introducing the many amazing stories and efforts being made by our people and we would like to share them all! We feature a different member each month, so please contact us if you would like to be included.    


Veterinary graduates need to be adequately prepared for the ethical dilemmas they will face each day and they need to know that the profession has a vital role to play in contributing to animal welfare and not just animal health.  I believe that Sentient provides veterinarians with a much needed voice in animal welfare..” 
I feel that much greater collaboration is needed between human welfare and animal welfare experts.  By doing this, we can best ensure that both the human and animal victims of abuse are given the help they need and deserve..
Dr John Baguley