Natasha Milne

Sentient Associate Member


Natasha Milne grew up in suburban Melbourne with a backyard full of beetles, birds, spiders and skinks. An animal lover literally since she started to crawl (she used to pick worms off the footpath after the rain and put them back on the grass so they wouldn't get stepped on-she still does!). Natasha has been a vegan for many years. 


A photographer for over 20 years in both New York and abroad, her clients include Canon, Murdoch books, SMH and the UN Development Project in Mali, West Africa. Her work has allowed her to travel extensively and she feels grateful that she has been able to experience nature in many different parts of the world and in many different forms. She also is a volunteer at her local wildlife rescue organization WIRES,  holds a Bachelor of Arts from UCONN, and plans to begin a masters in Environmental Humanities at UNSW next year. She has just begun a pilot program with local schools, aimed at reconnecting children to nature through the creative use of technology. Natasha thanks her parents for nurturing the animal lover within, and she is on a mission to dedicate the remainder of her life towards helping humanity unite in caring for our beautiful planet, and all her creatures. She lives in Sydney, Australia with her husband, step daughters and two girl dogs called Fred and Charlie.  


Natasha spent a year working at a small animal practice (All Natural Vet Care in Sydney) as background to a book she decided to write on integrative animal health. In the meantime, she became increasingly despondent over all the doom and gloom stories she was reading about the state of our planet, from climate change to animal poaching, factory farming to food safety, it could be very overwhelming. She realized that as a counter balance to the doom and gloom, she was always seeking out stories of hope, and would look for stories about everyday people doing great things for the betterment of the planet. To her, these people are the real unsung heroes-waking up each day and, against the odds making a difference to the lives of the other beings we share the planet with. She would have to dig deep to find these stories as they didn’t make for headline news, but what she discovered is literally millions of people doing their one thing to help the world. So, Natasha decided to ask 101 of them why they do what they do-what gets them out of bed each morning and what we can all do. She hopes that by providing a snapshot of 101 people from the known (including primatologist Dr Jane Goodall) to the unknown, that these people can inspire to recognise that all it takes is small steps in our own lives to make the world a better place-that we can all take small world steps to become big planet heroes. 


Natasha’s book is available for viewing and purchase here: