Our Vision

To create a world where animals are treated with empathy and respect.


Our Mission

Sentient, The Veterinary Institute for Animal Ethics is an independent forum and advocacy group that aims to bring the recognition of animals as sentient beings to the national agenda and to ensure that their needs are appropriately and ethically addressed by governments, industry and the public. As a veterinary driven body, Sentient offers scientific reflection within an ethical framework to collaborate with the community in furthering the animal protection movement.


Our Strategies


Promote public awareness of the need for improved welfare for all animals.


Advocate that humans have a responsibility to ensure that animals’ needs are met by promoting their freedom to express natural behaviours and protecting them from pain and suffering.


Promote a greater focus on the humane treatment of animals as a priority wherever animals are used or affected by humans.


Disseminate and instigate scientific research relating to animal welfare, use and policy.


Facilitate collaboration and informed debate amongst students, professionals, government, industry and the general public.


Form strategic alliances with other welfare organisations. 


Advocate legislative change to improve animal welfare.


Acknowledge and influence consumer power in driving change.


Provide an avenue for veterinarians to use their expertise to identify animal welfare needs and to address these by presenting scientific arguments and solutions