Paris Yves

Sentient Associate Member


Paris Yves is a Holistic Counsellor/Behaviourist for birds and people and a companion bird welfare campaigner. She is dedicating her life purpose and spiritual journey to saving birds, introducing laws and education for the welfare of birds (companion and wild) especially companion birds within Australia and liaises with similar campaigners globally. She also has many bird welfare supporters within Australia who support her efforts in educating the Australian public about bird welfare.


Paris advocates for the psychological/emotional needs of birds and addresses the impact of the typical caging of birds as companion animals. Amongst her aims are to work towards a legal ban on bird breeding, sales and trading, a legal ban on small cages, mandatory health testing for birds and a greater focus by the veterinary profession on avian care and behaviour.


Paris is Australia’s first campaigner to speak up for the welfare of companion birds lobbying governments to introduce laws to protect the mental and physiological welfare of birds.  Paris offers bird/parrot behaviour advice to everyone and believes there is always a positive solution to all bird behaviour and medical issues. Paris adopts birds in need of a forever home. She has established a bird/parrot rescue called Agapi’s Bird Sanctuary in Melbourne.


Paris has a long list of formal qualifications and professional experience, including distinctions in the Diploma of Applied Social Science, Business and Film studies to Bird Behaviour (USA). Paris’ professional career spans from international trade in Fashion to the Film Industry (manages Parrot Productions/ Producer, Director, Actor/Model) and Project Management in almost all industries within the private/corporation sector and the public service. Paris has also volunteered over 10 years of her time and resources to counselling people and working within hospitals in various health/medical organisations.


Paris is in the process of writing literature and books on bird welfare. She has also started a Webisode/TV series called the Magic Life of Birds, the first bird show in Australia, where she discusses all aspects of bird life and bird welfare and interviews local and international bird-caring experts. The aim of the ongoing series is to discuss everything about birds, including but not exclusive, show the cruelty of bird conditions within the bird sales/breeding industry, the fraudulent individuals who trade birds on social media pretending to be bird rescuers and lost pet groups that really trade birds, the lack of empathy and care by some vets who cause more harm to birds, the excessive and abusive bird trade online, the lack of understanding of bird intelligence and the resistance of bird traders/breeders to accept that birds are the most sensitive, intelligent and highly abused animal in this country.


Paris consults from a professional office where she can interact with and balance feeding/caring for her precious bird family. She has given talks to schools and various events and welcomes the opportunity to spread her words of love and care for birds as Australia- wide as possible.


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