Ritual Slaughter in Australia

January 21, 2011


Sentient promotes pre slaughter stunning to render animals unconscious whenever they are used for production. We therefore urge Australia’s Primary Industries Standing Committee, in their meeting on September 23rd 2011, to remove the loophole that currently allows a minority of Australian abattoirs to perform ritual slaughter without prior stunning on sheep. This practice involves killing sheep while they are fully conscious, subjecting them to unnecessary pain and terror.  Research has shown that without stunning, sheep can remain sensible for as long as 20 seconds after having their throats cut.

We will continue to oppose such inhumane treatment of livestock, whether they are exported offshore or slaughtered in Australia. We also note that leaders of the Islamic and Jewish communities in Australia have expressed acceptance of pre-slaughter stunning during ritual slaughter for both domestic consumption and live export, on the grounds that electrical and percussion stunning do not injure the animals and so remain in line with religious requirements.

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