Foie Gras Petition

December 20, 2014

We've made a petition against the importation and sale of Foie Gras in Australia, which arose out of concern about the legality of this practice, despite the inherent cruelty involved in its production. 


The petition will be sent to the Senate and relevant restaurants, and we'd love your signature!


Foie gras is a liver pate derived by force-feeding ducks and geese until their livers become grossly distended from fatty deposits, sometimes up to ten times the normal size. These birds suffer from fatty liver disease (hepatic lipidosis), a painful condition that is deliberately inflicted by being force-fed larger quantities of food than they would voluntarily eat. By the time of slaughter, the birds are in an advanced stage of liver disease. Many experience liver failure, difficulties with mobility and breathing due to abdominal distention, and sometimes secondary heart failure, kidney failure or liver haemorrhage. Due to the impact of their diet on calcium metabolism, birds are predisposed to osteopathy and subsequent bone fractures, with the majority suffering fractures to the wing (mainly the humerus bone) when being handled at slaughter. Birds also experience severe environmental stress and high mortality rates during the force-feeding period.


The petition can be accessed HERE.



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