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Sentient opposes the attempted eradication and large scale culling of wild horses from Australian wilderness areas.  There is insufficient independent evidence that the degree of environmental damage or risk caused by wild horses justifies the often radical and sometimes inhumane methods of wild horse management currently used.

News Update July 2014

The newly established Brumby Working Group (BWG) welcomed Dr Sheila Greenwell to join the group this month. Sheila will be a huge asset, having already been working hard on the brumby cause in WA for about 8 years. Sheila has herself been involved in passively trapping, taming and rehoming over 200 brumbies, as well as lobbying for improved wild horse management in WA and she also sits on the WA Department of Food & Agriculture’s pest animal control ethics advisory committee.


Meanwhile BWG founder, Dr Andrea Harvey, started a fertility control trial, using a GnRH vaccine, in a group of semi-wild brumbies housed at a brumby sanctuary in NSW. This is the first time fertility control has been used in brumbies, and although this small trial is a very tiny step, it is an important step in exploring more humane methods of population control.


The group are currently finalising their position statement on the

population management of wild horses, and arranging meetings with RSPCA and other groups to discuss strategic collaborations in working towards improving the management of Australia's wild horses.


If you would like to join or enquire about the Brumby Working Party please email us at or click the button to register your interest...

Sentient The Veterinary Institute for Animal Ethics - (Photo by Anne Fawcett)

Photo by Anne Fawcett